The mobile multi-purpose excavator. The Menzi Muck M5. The new generation of Menzi Muck is based on long-standing experience. Since their debut, the world‘s best-selling machine in their weight class has passed through various evolutionary stages. New technologies, ecological and economic aspects, customer suggestions and practical experience have been packaged in a new version. The convincing result: optimized efficiency with increased cooling, low noise values and minimized fuel consumption. The various model designs feature the same top section but have different chassis. Depending on the application of the mobile multi-purpose excavator, numerous options in the module system are available for creating tailored solutions. Thanks to continuous performance enhancements, greater mobility and powerful drive technologies, new and interesting applications have been developed for the Menzi Muck in addition to its original use on steep slopes and also on lowlands. It delivers an above-average hydraulic performance for its weight. The result is a powerful tool carrier with maximum ground preservation. Thanks to the adjustable chassis, the benefit of progressive movement on difficult terrain is offered by all model variants.

M545 cover 1

Deutz Turbo Diesel115 Kw / 157 HP
Governed to114 kW / @ 2000 RPM
Displacement4100 cc
Electrical system24V
Maintenance intervals500 hours
Hydraulic systemLoad Sensing by Bosch
Working hydraulics290 L/min. @ 300 bar
Driving hydraulics180 L/min. @ 400 bar
Powerline190 L/min. @350 bar
Swivelling speedUp to 10 t/min.

Model versions overview.

Hydrostatic two wheel drive over the two big wheel
Two removable shafts with two small steering wheels
Hydraulic telescopable stabilization

Same as M520, with
Drive by two big steering wheels (hydraulic rear steering)



Hydrostactic all wheel drive over two big and two small tires Hydraulic telescope support.

Hydrostactic all wheel drive
Two removable shafts with steering wheels 
Hydraulic telescope support
Hydraulic rear steering



Hydrostactic all wheel drive over four equal big tires 
P-Matic parallel-support

Same as M540, with
Sensor steered all wheel steering



APM – up to 30% fuel savings
The APM controller (Anticipating Power Management) creates a new, fast and harmonic interplay between the motor and the hydraulics. Overloading is thereby reduced to an absolute minimum. Power, Eco and Fine mode provide extra help in efficient operation of the machines. Powerlift function for maximum forces.

Hydraulic system
Optimized hydraulic tuning has been a Menzi tradition. The harmonious operating cycle is geared towards smooth and optimized performance. Sensitive LUDV Load Sensing Hydraulic. Two capacity controlled swash plate axial piston pumps (P1/P2) for the working hydraulic and drive and a third controlled swash plate axial piston pump (P3) and a gear pump for fan drive.

Cooling system
Generously dimensioned cooling system (pull). Three separate coordinated cooler elements for hydraulic oil/ charge air/ water maximum cooling capacity through side-by-side arrangement of the cooling elements. Variable fan motor. Optional: swing condenser-element for air-conditioning.

· Automatic central lubrication system
· Biodegradable hydraulic oil
· Hydraulic affluent filter
· Heavy lifting and road equipment
· Hydraulic preparation for winch
· LED-additional light on the boom
· Additional external tool box
· Custom color
· Leakage line and lifting limiter
· Electrically switchable check valves
· Additional safety valves on the dipper
· Lock out switch
· Lock out switch

An axial piston motor with automatic multidisc brake acts on the internal gears of the double-row slewing ring via a planetary gear. Hardened tooth profiles. A proportional, demand-driven torque control is applied to regulate the turning force via the joystick. Swing range 360° endless. Swing speed up to 10 rpm. Swing torque 52’000 Nm.

Hydraulic cylinders
The hydraulic cylinders are again from our own design and manufacturing. Cylinders on the chassis are equipped with check valves (safety hose break). All cylinders on the boom assembly are equipped with cushioning.

Load limit control
Load Sensing hydraulic system by Bosch-RexrothElectronic load limit control for fast, smooth and constant interaction between engine and hydraulics. An additional operating mode is provided: In smooth mode, work to the millimetre can be carried out at full power

Tank contents
Operating tank
205 liters / 54.2 US-gall.
Additional fuel tank in the chassis
230 liters / 60.8 US-gall.
Content of hydraulic system
220 liters / 58.1 US-gall.
motor and hydrolics

hydro circuits
Hydraulic circuits

The required liters/US-gallons of the auxiliary hydraulic circuits can be selected over the colored display.

Circuit 1 (on the boom)
up to 200 l/min. - 52.8 US-gall./min. through
proportional foot pedal - double acting
Circuit 2 (on the boom)
up to 100 l/min. - 26.4 US-gall./min. through
proportional-rocker switch on the right joystick
– double acting
Circuit 3 (on the boom)
up to 50 l/min. - 13.2 US-gall./min. over s/wcircuit
on the left joystick – double acting
Circuit 4 (on the boom)
for hydraulic quick changer from pilot pressure
– double acting (option)
Hydraulic winch preparation (chassis)
up to 120 l/min. - 31.7 US-gall/min. through
proportional-rocker switch on the left joystick
– double acting (option)
Return line (on the boom)
for hydraulic hammer
Powerline (view options)
Simple or double acting auxiliary circuit up
to 190 l/min - 50.2 US.gall./min.; with priority
supply by a separate pump
Leakage line (option)

Cooling system
Cooling system
Generously dimensioned cooling system (pull). Three separate
coordinated cooler elements for hydraulic oil/ charge air/ water
maximum cooling capacity through side-by-side arrangement of
the cooling elements. Variable fan motor.
Optional: swing condenser-element for air-conditioning

Engine 1

4-cyl. Turbo Diesel-engine / Commonrail
Deutz TCD 3.6 LA
Exhaust stage EU 97/98 IIIB (TIER 4 interim)
Integrated particle filter/catalyst (without additive)
Max. output 115 kW (157 HP) (acc. to SAE J1995 / ISO 3046)
Adjusted performance 114 kW (155 HP) @ 2000 rpm (acc. to ISO 14396)
Maximum torque 610 Nm @ 1600 min-1
Capacity: 4100 ccm
Service interval: 500 hours

World innovation: Menzi powerboom
There is a lot of innovation in the new and unique boom of the M-series. Unique to Menzi Muck, the boom cylinder is mounted horizontally in the center part. Collisions at the boom cylinder are therefore impossible.

Wide-angle kinematics with power booster
The new kinematics of Menzi Muck opens new dimensions: optimum work in the close-up range at the minimum possible swivel radius is contrasted with maximum stretching of the boom. The Menzi power booster thereby supplies the highest possible forces over the whole working range.

Kinematics comparison at the dipper

Lifting capacity @ 3.0 m 9200 kg / 20283 lb
Lifting capacity @ 4.5 m 6000 kg / 13228 lb
Lifting capacity @ 6.0 m 4100 kg / 9039 lb
Breakout force 102000 N / 10401 kp
Ripping force 69000 N / 7036 kp

Powerline - when power is the key
A separate pump supplies the additional connection of up to 190 l / 50 US.-gall. per minute. A consistently high oil supply increases therefore the efficiency of the accessories significantly. Volumes and pressures can be programmed individually.
usage rate
Tool management
The required litre/US-gall. volumes can be stored at the display for up to 15 accessories. Simply select the corresponding preprogramming to change the tool. Digging arc comparison The new arm kinematics results in 18 % more working area.


Digging arc comparison
The new arm kinematics results in 18 %
more working area
Digging Arc 2
Digging Arc 1

The Panorama Cockpit.
The operator is most important.

Panorama cockpit
A free view of the entire working environment, the support and the wheels, provide the operator with safety and complete control in all situations. The spacious cab provides a perfect sense of space and many practical details for relaxed working.

Comfort and safety From the ergonomic joystick with proportional rocker and hand support to the air-suspended operator›s seat right up to adjustable armrests and foot pedals, no stone has been left unturned to provide the operator with a maximum of comfort.

Extensive standard equipment
„Roll-Over-Protection-System“ – ROPS according to DIN ISO 3471, cast parts at the upper structure used as fenders, side and rear covers are opened supported by gas-pressure springs, diesel fuel pump with auto stop, cyclone air filter, integrated tool box, radio with CD/MP3-player, powerful heating with seven individual adjustable air nuzzles, pollen and recirculated air filter, 8 spotlights (4 in the front, 4 in the rear), etc. Dashboard with LCD-Display Clear and ergonomic arranged instrument panel. Analog controls with integrated color display to show the most important indicators. Various control elements with LED-illuminated toggles switches.


Numerous cab options· Heater with time clock
· Turning light and lighting system on
the roof with up to 10 LED- or Xenonspotlights
· FOPS-roof
· Security glazing (polycarbonat/
· Rearview camera
· Four point safety belt (suspenders)· Air-conditioning
· Protective grid on the windshield





The Menzi Muck M540 and M545.


M540 with H-Drive system.
Powerful drive.

The intelligent Menzi H-Drive control with torque overlay optimises efficiency in any operating position. The power is distributed over the four drive wheels in such a way that the highest possible traction is automatically achieved. Drive components with even more traction round out the new Menzi drive concept.

Road Traction module.
Maximum ground preservation
An additional hydraulic lock can be switched on and off to allow a setting between maximum traction and maximum ground preservation to be selected via the RTM module.

Drive potentiometer.
Speed as required.

All product variants features a potentiometer for the traction drive. The maximal speed can be individually set – the accelerator pedal is released more smoothly.

M545: All-wheel sensor steering.
Unbelievable agility.

The all-wheel sensor steering achieves a turning circle of less than 10 meters. Eight steering sensors ensure the correct angle is calculated for the four wheels. The wheels are automatically moved to the correct position, which guarantees extended tyre life. There are five different steering designs to choose from:
1) Stub axle steering.
2) Automatic all-wheel steering.
3) Crab steering.
4) Parallel rear steering.
5) Hydraulic steering (without sensors).

P-Matik stabilizers.
More ground clearance.
Consistent ground clearance in any position, as well as a permanent pivot point of the stub axle steering guarantees the parallelogram of the Menzi P-Matik stabilizers.

Turning radius8.3m7.6m
Weight without accessories12000kg12300kg

M545 specs

 Dimensions in mmM540M545
AMax. Excavation depth with adjusted chassis51205140
BMax. Excavation depth chassis horizontal47304730
CMax. Excavation height with adjusted chassis93609360
DMax. Excavation height chassis horizontal77007700
EMax. Discharge height with adjusted chassis 74207430
FMax. Discharge height chassis horizontal5890 5890
GMax. Jib Range8210 8210
HMin. Swivelling radius24802480
IDipper length18001800
JPositioning range stabilizers12501250
KPositioning range hub drive15801650
LTransport height25502550
MMinimum width hub drive, transport width23002380
NMinimum width front drive, transport width24302430
OMax. positioning width rear46004690
PMax. positioning width front61406140
QChassis length58805960